About Schooling A Young Horse & The Information On This Website

The owner/trainer of a young horse must be willing to learn and adapt and be able to concentrate completely on the horse and on what they are doing with it. They must be observant, quickly noticing any change in the horse’s mental or physical state, and have the knowledge to work out the reason for such a change and, if necessary, the remedy.

Above all, they will need the imagination to put themselves in the horse’s place. Would they understand what was being asked of them? Would they be happy, calm and confident under the same conditons if they were a horse? Would they enjoy the work they were being asked to do and do it willingly and cheerfully? If you have never owned a horse before, your first horse should not be a youngster as you will almost certainly lack the practical working experience necessary to care for an unpredictable, difficult or nervous animal. You must be completely au fait with all areas of stable management and feeding so that you can spot problems the minute they arise. If you have never cared for any horse, you should take a course in stable management and then buy a mature, sensible horse for your first animal.